A true story about how I lost 20kg by reducing my sugar.

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In March 2016 I (Amanda Tiffen) wrote a book about my success with weight loss by reducing my hidden sugar, that book was called A Life Less Sugar.

Later in August 2016 Leigh Brown and myself released a follow up book A Life Less Sugar Recipes.

Between both books we sold nearly 11,000 copies in one year, helping many people to succeed in reducing their own daily sugar, losing weight and gaining their health back.

The books have been such a success that it grabbed the attention of Harper Collins Publishing Australia Ltd and from there A Life Less Sugar Ltd with Harper Collins Publishing Australia Ltd have produced a third book, a 258 page book designed for both the Australian and New Zealand market with 50 amazing recipes (“A Life Less Sugar Recipes”).

As of 31 August 2017 the two original books A Life Less Sugar and A Life Less Sugar Recipes ceased to be available to purchase due to the contract with Harper Collins Publishing Australia Ltd, however the great news is the new updated Australian and New Zealand version and its now available for purchase in both Australia, New Zealand, rest of the world (rest of the world can be purchased via our website only) and online.   In New Zealand the book is available in all good books stores and on this website https://alifelesssugar.co.nz/product/a-life-less-sugar/ and Australia its available in all good book stores and online http://www.harpercollins.com.au/9781460754436/a-life-less-sugar/  rest of the world online only at this stage.

“After years of fighting to control her weight, Amanda Tiffen easily went from size 16 to size 8 in just 9 months, and then shared her solution with the world.  Part memoir, part recipe book, A LIFE LESS SUGAR is the inspiring self-publishing sensation of how two ordinary and busy working mums reduced their sugar consumption and, in the process, changed their lives for the better.”

What real people are saying about this book …

  • I was addicted to sugar and it was literally killing me: my daily life, my relationships, my confidence, my thoughts.  Everything Amanda tells us in her books is authentic and spot on.
  • I love that you aren’t a dietitian or nutritionist – you are a real person who has succeeded in weight loss and you are sharing the information.
  • This book is a real eye opener… So simple and easy to understand…  Have completed four days on 6 teaspoons of sugar and lost 2.1 kg.
  • 3 weeks in and I’ve lost 3.8 kg easily, happily & effortlessly.  Thank you, Amanda.  I’ve struggled with my weight going up, not down, for 25 years.  Take it from this diet-weary veteran, you are a star!
  • If you are reading this, don’t hesitate, get a copy.  For once, something has been put together in such a way that it makes sense and is a lifestyle change not a quick fix or fly-by-night.

Amanda’s journey is truly inspirational.  Like many of us she initially had little idea about the impact of the hidden sugar in her diet, but when she discovered how much sugar she was consuming, and how that was affecting her life, she acted.  She changed her life, and now her books are helping to change many people’s lives.  This is the true power of knowledge… the power to make thinks better.  And not just for yourself, but for all of us.

– Nigel Latta, Presenter, Is Sugar the New Fat?

Start reducing your sugar today (remember …… tomorrow never comes!)

HarperCollins Publishers ISBN 978-1-4607-5443-6

E-Book not available on this website sorry however, New Zealand E-Book available through the HarperCollins Publishing New Zealand

Australia and rest of the world E-Book available through the HarperCollins Publishing Australia Website 

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