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The story of the Epson Printers

When I decided to write a book, I thought I would be able to print my book on my own and I was willing to give it a shot!  So I popped into Warehouse Stationary Hornby and asked for the best printer they had that would print my book, at the most cost effective price!

I announced to Scott (of Warehouse Stationary), “I have written a book, I’m going to sell hundreds of books and I need a good printer!’  Scott looked at me like I was just a little nuts but obliged.  I said I don’t care about the printer price but the ink needs to be a good deal as I will be going through a lot of it.  Scott advised the Epson L365 is just what I need.  We managed to get the ink down to $16 per bottle of black, magenta, blue and yellow.  Perfect I thought.

Now I was ready to change the world one book at a time.

I worked out I could print on average 15 books per day from about 6am-8pm approx 40 minutes a book.    After selling around 150 books in the first week, I worked out I needed another printer and fast.  So it was back to Scott at Warehouse Stationary for Epson L365 printer number 2.  Scott was impressed with my 150 sales.  After selling another 100 books the following week I again realised 2 printers weren’t going to cut the mustard, back to Warehouse Stationary again for Epson L365 printer number 3!

So all was going well until week three arrived and my first Epson printer couldn’t handle the jandle anymore and blew up.  I contacted Epson to advise my printer had blown up in only 3 weeks and they kindly replaced it for me.  Thanks Epson!  Week 2 and Epson Printer number 2 couldn’t handle the jandle.  Hmmm what was Epson going to say this time?  Epson sent me to their repair man.

A week later we got the phone call from Mr Repairman, please come in and pick up your printer.  When mum arrived to pick the printer up, she was greeted by a very confused and slightly annoyed repair man.  Excuse me…. but what are you doing to this printer?  I printed a report 3 times and it came back each time that you have printed 25,000 pages in 3 weeks, these printers are not designed to do that many pages!

It turns out that our $16 bottle of ink that lasts us a few days, was meant to last 2 years!

With the 3rd printer  heading to the repair man 1 week later, (800 books printed in total) and a more understanding but still annoyed repairman it was decided to pop in to Caxton Printers and have the book printed professionally.  The cost of purchasing a new $400 printer wasn’t quite as cost effective as I first thought, with having to replace the printer every 3 weeks!  So there we have it the story behind the first 800 home printed books.

Anyone want to buy a relatively new printer?  Epson L365.  Going cheap?  Only 3 weeks old!



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  1. Brilliant work by the printers and Mumma Sharon the printer extraordinaire!

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