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How healthy am I?

I lost 20kg, 100% by reducing my hidden everyday sugar & eating more fats & protein to fill me up! I don’t exercise (I really don’t have time at the moment), but in saying that I don’t sit around all day doing nothing, I’m constantly moving from A – B, but I wouldn’t call that exercise just everyday movement. I know I’m healthy, I can feel it, my doctor told me my cholesterol & diabetes test came back perfect. But how healthy am I? I decided to find out once & for all.
I spoke to Michelle Rosewarne & Kim Brown of Body Audit & asked for a body composition scan.
The body composition scan report has a huge amount of usable information, my favourite is the visceral fat level, which is not the fat you can physically grab or see, but the hidden fat that surrounds our organs. The healthy range is between 1 and 9, higher levels can be an indicator of type II diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure etc.
Visceral fat does not discriminate. ANYBODY can have high visceral fat, so identifying and improving it will go a long way towards positively impacting overall health. This alone is worth doing a scan for.

Understanding Body Composition provides comprehensive muscle and fat diagnosis that is essential in monitoring health, while the segmental muscle analysis allows you to understand your muscle distribution and where you need to focus your attention. These are just a few of the highlights.

Scans take less 30 seconds, are non-invasive and done fully clothed. The report is a TGA registered medical device and is used by doctors, nutritionists, athletes and high level sports teams.

I was expecting to pay at least $100 for this scan but NO, $40! Not just a “special $40 price for me” but an everyday price for EVERYONE. It only took 30 seconds & the girls made me feel so welcome & they were very knowledgeable!
Both Kim & I were amazed at my results, lean body mass, soft lean mass, skeletal muscle mass, total body water, protein, mineral & body fat were all at a perfect level. My body mass index, body fat percentage, visceral fat area all perfect too (remember the healthy visceral range is between 1-9 and my body scored a 5!). My age to body match came back at 39 years and I will be 42 in October. Awesome!
These are the kinds of results people work towards and here I am just doing my thing, eating less sugar, more fat & protein, minimal everyday movement……………..NAILED IT! I can guarantee you if I had done this scan 2 years ago, the results would have been very very different.

If I can do it YOU can do it!
If you would like Michelle or Kim to scan you so you can see where your body is at (& for great advice) visit, email or private message them on facebook.

See my results below and pics of me having the scan!


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