Latest feedback from 8/1/2018

Following guidelines precisely ….
2 kilo loss since Wed 3rd
And it’s so not hard; bacon, eggs, cheese, cream, salmon & the yummy list goes on.
Everything is better-my mood, sleep, smile, decisions & the wonderful list goes on.
I’ve said it before And I will say it again
Thank you ~ A Life Less Sugar <3 thank you so much.

I’m loving the book and I am singing its praises to anyone that will listen lol. I was talking to an elderly customer the other day and she said that when she does baking ( this is for those that love to bake) she halves the amount of sugar the recipe requires. She said she didn’t notice any difference in taste.

I am reluctant to share this as it’s never ever happened before…..but since reading this AMAZING book and following the plan – not to the letter, but as best I can, I have lost 1.2kg since Thursday.
As an epileptic, my medication does not help, but this way of eating has always been suggested for this “health issue” but never laid out in such an easy to follow way. THANK YOU SO MUCH – at nearly 60, I may finally be able to be happy with ME ☺️😘

Thankyou thankyou! for your book- I downloaded mine. In 6 days I’ve gone from 78.3kg to 75.6! The first 3 days were tough. But it made me realise how much sugar I had been eating, and how much i thought about it. I’m going to keep going until I reach my goal of 68kg.

Yay I love this book, tomorrow is the beginning of my new informed healthy lifestyle

First weigh in this morning 1 week done and 1.8kg gone!!!!! 😊😊😊🙏🙏

So I read this book 4 days ago and cut out mizone ( 3 bottles a day!) – flavoured water. I’m not drinking tap water yet but have put a small amount of low sugar flavour in my water so I can drink it without wanting to vomit….not a fan of water to say the least. I weighed myself this morning and just cutting out the mizone and reducing my sugar intake I’ve already lost 3.3 kg!!!!!! Can’t quite believe it myself but I’m definitely sticking to this plan. I’m planning on swapping higher sugar items for lower sugar items as I shop so it will be a slow change but a great one! Thank you for writing your book Amanda and opening up my eyes as to what I was putting in my mouth.

Older feedback

I bought myself and a friend a copy of your A Life Less Sugar book and once we were able to get our heads around the mathematics and started understanding how to read food labels we were off and it is making such a difference to our health and movement. It is such a relief to finally learn how to calculate both the sugar and carbohydrate content of food.

Over the years I have read many nutrition/diet/health books and this is the very first book that is straight forward, practical and has examples of food products sold here in our local supermarkets – thank goodness!

3 weeks in and I’ve lost 3.8kgs
Easily Happily Effortlessy
Thank you Amanda Tiffen
I’ve struggled with my weight going up; not down for 25 years
Take it from this diet weary veteran ~ you are a Star !

Weight loss this week 1.5kg, total I 4 weeks 5.3kg!  My sleep has improved 200%.  My moods/emotions are steady (Whew!)  I am easy going, assertive, rational & happy.  I was addicted to sugar & it was literally killing me; my daily life, my relationships, my confidence, my thoughts. Everything Amanda tells us in her books is authentic & sot on.  Get rid of the sugar & replace it with protein, fats and watch your life change.  Thank you, thank you, thank you Amanda Tiffen.

 A year on and I have lost a total of 18 kg. I am pretty stoked about that. Still have a little bit more to go. This is all thanks to my good friend Amanda Tiffen who has given me the motivation to do it.

Hey Amanda, love the book and keen to get another one to send to a friend in Perth.

I love to cook and I have gone sugar free and had the same problem – all the recipe books either substitute sugar for something like bananas or dates or other “natural” sugar sources or they load it with artificial sweeteners. It is extremely frustrating!! I found your recipe book in Paper Plus, very inspiring – shows it can be done!!

Just got your book this morning and have read it cover to cover. This is the answer to why i cant move that last ‘few’ kg !!  I was wondering why 5km per day 4 times a week wasn’t working in treadmill.  Cant wait to get started, your a star!!!

I’ve been engrossed since I got my hands on your book

I’m a week down on a life less sugar and a 1 kilo down yay!! Not one drop of excerise either!!

2kg down and feeling really good, no withdrawals.

About 10 days in and I am staying away from the scales, but my clothes feel a little looser, my energy is up and I am not craving sweet stuff,so very happy.

Awesome book !!! I have lost 2.1kg so far … Feeling Good

I just got this book yesterday and it is great.

I am halfway through your book already. It is fantastic. Thank you!

Thank you so much for the book Amanda! It’s really interesting and so easy to follow. I had porridge with raspberries and cream for breakfast, delicious!! (And that’s saying something from someone who usually loves to coat porridge with brown sugar!!

I read your book at Easter (my daughter had bought it). 21 days on and I have lost 2.8kg. I have more energy therefore I am exercising as well. Thank you for making it so easy.

The book was so easy to read and understand. Look forward to the cook book. Life just gets better by the day.

If you are reading this don’t hesitate go and get a copy. For once something that is put together in such a way it makes sense and is a lifestyle change not a quick fix or fly by night, you will go back to the book and enjoy the support of others on here.

Your book has started this journey for my husband and I.  It is written in an easy to follow format. Thank you and I look forward to your recipe book.

Amanda I only spoke to you for half an hour when I picked up my book but you inspired me. I have just realized that I haven’t had a hot flush for over a month and even though I’ve had my ups and downs I am feeling so much healthier. Thank you for taking the time.

Getting your book and meeting you is so inspirational. Your Facebook support page is fantastic! It is far better than paying a weekly amount to stand on some scales with a group of people who aren’t always supportive.

This works and I can’t thank you enough for sharing !!

Week  1, 500g down

Week 2. Down another 600g

I’m on my 4th day and I feel really good and following your book makes it so easy to do.

Read the book ! Love it ! I liked that you put photos up of substitute foods.

I love that you aren’t a dietitian or nutritionist, you are a real person that has succeeded in weight loss and you are sharing the information.

Great book! Amanda is a long time friend and has tried pretty much everything. A life less sugar is obviously what her body needed for successful weightloss and is easily maintaining. Easy to understand and one of the best things, is that Amanda is just a normal woman like us who found what works and is sharing her journey and tips. Congrats Amanda! Tania x

The following feedback was left 13 May 2016 

Well I finally got the courage to get on the scales, I have lost 6kg since the start of march…no exercise!!

Your book arrived today, it is like reading my own life story, six weeks ago I was 80.6kg, I’ve recently lost 3.5kg but for last two weeks plateaued, now I know why!  Today is the start of a new way of eating!
Thank you for making it seem so much more black and white.

Ordered online – arrived yesterday – WOW awesome book – couldn’t put it down – excited!

Just started reading it. Amazing book and one to keep by the kitchen!!!

Just got this book can’t believe how much sugar is in everything.

Went grocery shopping today and picked up some bits and pieces you’ve suggested in the book. I got some cream and was comparing milk and cream and trim milk, wow I couldn’t believe how much sugar in the milk. Starting slowing for the next couple of weeks and then I’m all go. Very excited.

Just want to say your book is a real eye opener.  I read it all the day I received it. So simple and easy to understand. I even went and brought this book again for someone else the next day. Have completed 4 days on 6tsp sugar and lost 2.1kg. Amazing results . While eating pork roast and crackle.  Love the muesli unsweetened yogurt and berries for breakfast.   Look forward to that every morning.  Thank you for your book

Got my copy today and I have almost read it all. So well done and very informative. Really happy with it and such good value.

I have just brought your e book I am at work and can’t stop reading. I shared this on my page and with girlfriends. I can’t wait to get home and contribute the read I have been trying to cut down I feel your book is going to be the pivotal push needed.

Brought your book yesterday read it this morning and makes perfect sense. I can see where I have been going wrong. Now to put it into practice.

Bought the book today. Have quite a few sugary sauces and ice cream which will need to be got rid of. Very impressed with the book and ready to start the low sugar regime

Loving it

The best feedback is the large number of people returning for books for friends and family, these people wouldn’t recommend my book if they didn’t like it.

This is a fantastic book. Very easy to read

I really like the recipes that you put in book and the more the better I say